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Finland set to debate euthanasia
It is not clear at this time when a bill will be tabled for debate.
South African Supreme Court rejects euthanasia.
The hasty Fabricius judgment did not properly consider South African law or international precedent cases.
DIY Dutch euthanasia
The underground Dutch system for do-it-yourself euthanasia The leading Dutch right-to-die society is seeking talks with the Dutch medical association (KNMG) for approval of a “peaceful pill” which will allow its members to kill themselves without the help of a doctor. As usually happens in the progress of euthanasia, supporters are now telling the media


Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick OBE 1956-2016

“These laws simply are rooted in the fundamentally, deadly discriminatory attitude that a disabled life ‘is not worth living’

“When non-disabled people say they despair of their future, suicide prevention is the default service we must provide. Disabled people, by contrast, feel the seductive, easy arm of the few, supposedly trusted medical professionals, around their shoulder; someone who says ‘Well you’ve done enough. No-one could blame you.’”

We simply must not allow our society make the grave mistake of deciding that some lives are simply not worth living.


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